Green Energy Fuels

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The mission of Green Energy Fuels, LLC as a company in South Carolina,is to work with Commercial Companies using Natural gas for their operations.  We also are helping companies convert their vehicle fleets to Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles for their daily business operations.  Green Energy Fuels analyzes pricing, supply, and operating systems to make recommendations and proposals for overall energy savings for a corporate customer.


The management team at Green Energy Fuels, LLC is committed to working with the existing Utility supply pricing formats.  The costs of transportation, operations, and commodity supply is analyzed to offer an alternative, and cost effective alternative to the traditional utility supply pricing models.  Many companies are reluctant to move from the tradition utility supply source to independent suppliers such as Green Energy Fuels.  The management of Green Energy Fuels, has successfully supplied over 5,000 customers in 11 states.  The principal states being California, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, Wyomiing, Montana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.  Corporate customers include Dennys Restaurant chain, Yum Yum Foods, Darden Foods, Jelly Belly Candies, Toyota Motors, General Motors, Anheuser Busch, and other Fortune 500 companies. 


South Carolina, and the Southeastern  States, are now opening their utility pipeline to third party access through deregulation.  This allows the private companies such as Green Energy Fuels, to offer bids and proposals on a level playing field.  The benefits of these opportunities will result in energy cost savings to the Corporate business’s in those States.


As an independent company Green Energy Fuels can work with our customer facility engineers, fleet managers and corporate executives to minimize costs and maximize profits.